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Viking Aussie.
Formerly known as “Chico”

Born on 10th of July, 2005, at 11:28.
35 hours after the water broke.

One hour old, and already hungry for life

Lisbeth, our midwife, took well care of all of us

3.5 wellshaped kilos
52 centimetres of good looks

20 hours old: my first stage performance
(Quicktime-videoclip – click to watch)

24 hours after my birth:
We call the taxi to go home

This is what the birth department (Fødeafsnit) at Frederiksberg
Hospital looks like from the outside. Inside, they have some truly
wonderful staff there. We feel very grateful to them.

And thank you to all of you for those sms–telegrams


...and for all the flowers we received after coming home

Tuesday, two days old: My first outing to the lakes

Friday, five days old
and 300 grams heavier

Five-day status. Blood test and hearing test at the hospital, and
our midwife comes for a visit. “Everything is going so well.”

Nanna Edith arrived from Oz Thursday morning

Teaching me the pleasures of burping


Exactly one week old:
I give my first political speech
(“A a a”)

Playing the role of Mum’s “beautiful little boy”

Team-building with Far

Mum and Far had yet another revelation today:
Now they want to call me Alexander.

Alexander Rohan Aidt.
I’m still chewing on it.

Alexander = “protector of men”
Rohan = sanskrit word for “ascending”

Honestly, do my parents think this is some kind of a holiday?
How far out in the countryside do we have to go?!

Singing the “A a a” Song with Grandpa

“Little Buddha?” No-no... Just me, having my first bath.
Ahh! Memories of my days as a jellyfish in Mum’s belly.

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