Subject: About confidence and self-esteem

Imagine yourself sitting at the shore a magnificent blue lake.
The lake is not very big nor very deep, but clear and still.
You often take a walk along side it.
As the clouds begin to disperse in the evening, signifying the end of the day, you go down the steep bank to sit down right at the water surface.
In the still water, you see the reflection of yourself.

Then you take a pebble in your hand, and throw it into the lake.
Now what do you see?
The pepple creates small waves, and your reflection disappears.
Wait a few seconds. Then what happens?
The surface of the water becomes calm again, and your image is coming back.

Imagine your soul is like the lake.
The pebbles that trouble the surface are the worries, the fears, and the mad life that we sometimes lead.
Imagine that your reflection on the water is your confidence. Your self-esteem.
Confidence and self-esteem is the driving engine – what you need in life to keep moving and in high spirit. To make things happen.

When the lake is calm, your reflection is visible. But when the wind rises or when someone throws a pebble into the water, the surface of the lake is disturbed, the image becomes unclear, confidence disappears.
However, the same way we understand, while sitting a the shore of that lake, that even though the image is not clearly visible, it really is still there – and as soon as the water is calm again, we will be able to see our reflection again – the same way we should remember that when the water of our soul is disturbed, it doesn’t mean that our confidence in life has disappeared, it is only temporarily invible.