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M y   F i r s t   H o l i d a y   i n   F r a n c e
Mon Séjour en Provence

Arrival at Le Chalet, the home of
Pernilla, Cyril and Celena Lou.

Hej Pernilla!

Hej Celena Lou!

Hi French friends!


They are building a new terrace, but the
view from the lounge room is still awesome

Main attraction of this holiday is obviously...
me, myself and I

Luckily, mum and dad seem to
agree with me on that.

I take them out for a fresh-air-
hike in the sunny southern Alps.

I love that BabyBjörn they carry me in,
but its so hard to stay awake there.

Look, I have grown again!

Celena is two years and eight months old now.

She understands her mum's Danish, but
prefers to speak in French only.

Barbeque dinner with our hosts.
It is Duke (the dog) and Cyril on the left.

Simba (the cat), Celena and Pernilla
are busy taking the photograph

On Monday, we are off for the exciting
6th International Mush Conference.
This year it is held at Le Point Sublime.

The one-day conference takes off in style
with a cup of sublime coffee

A few days later, we are playing tourists in
Monte-Carlo's Japanese Garden.
Daddy and I tourist-pose on the bridge

Thanks, Hertz, for that ‘Nice’ stereo (and car).
Time to jump on an airplane, and launch a new programme mum & dad call ‘The Routine’

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