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C o p e n h a g e n   2 0 0 5

Yay! Nine weeks old now!

I look forward to meeting
more of my cousins

In Denmark, us babies like Dad driving the pram

Personally, I prefer the BabyBjörn.
Much better view from there.
(I can hold my head up now.)

I watch things....

...such as unidentified flying fish.
This specimen often circles over my head.

My parents seem to think I am a bit of a dreamer.
Goodness me! 10 weeks already?

I'm 5.8 kilos now. And did you notice:
I'm beginning to have a hair style

I love my new playground!
Thanks, Nanna!

I can't quite figure these flying animals out

11 weeks today! Yayyyy!
Auntie Bente celebrates it with me.

I did my first real laugh this week!

And made a rhythm with a rattle!

My parents talk about being “babylagged”.
Would you know what they mean? Cause I don't!

All I know is that there is a big world out there,
and I want to go and see it! I'm soon three months

And posing for my first drivers licence...
– oh, not yet?
...Australian passport photo, then.

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