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A u s t r a l i a   2 0 0 5 – 2 0 0 6
December in Oz

I enjoyed my first flight to Australia.
The Thai cleaning staff were singing and dancing for me during our stop-over in Bangkok

I got a warm welcome from my cousins,
Madeline and Cooper, in Sydney

I love this whole new world of toys and fun

Everyone is talking about “Christmas” coming.
I look forward to meeting him

I received this New Years letter from Biddu in India:

I implore God to bless you
with good health,
prosperous life,
nobility of character,
and wisdom
to live up to divinity with dignity.

We flew to Adelaide to meet Kara & Eric and my three cousins who live there: Claudia, Bianca and Sophia

...and to gossip with Nanna

Adelaide is hot. But we are staying near the beach here, so 38° is cool with us :-)

We live just 100 meters from this beach.

I was impressed with my cousins.
And they seemed to like me to.

‘Baby Alex’ – Claudia’s portrait of me.

Gee, Bianca, wouldn't you like a part in my next Hollywood production?

Yay, they have a spa here!

In Oz, barbeque is not just about food.
It is an art form.

Along with Nanna, our hosts are Kara and Eric.
This photo of them is from Christmas Eve...

....which we spent in French style with Eric's family. Cooking in the outdoor kitchen here: Eric's sister and his two brothers

....bye bye, and thanks so much for a great holiday week in Adelaide!

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