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A u s t r a l i a   2 0 0 5 – 2 0 0 6
January in Oz

I am six months old now!
Yi-ha, Australia! Are you ready for some action?!

Enjoying the first banana pancake in my life
– on my six month birthday

I am learning to swim,
and I am already a natural kicker

Nanna taught me how to build my
own pool at Maroubra Beach

I am into surfing the pool waves,
and looking for little creatures...

...rather than the big ones out there.

It is true what they say... They really do have some peculiar animals down here

I wanted to show Dad something about the Australian wine, so I took him with me to the Hunter Valley. (Dad was more interested in flirting with my photographer)

We stayed in this vineyard lodge.

Dad had to taste all the wines at Tyrrell's. Just like the Danish queen and crown prince did 19 years ago.

Apart from that, Dad and I are mostly into reading our books these days, learning about Australian history

Mum and Dad called them ‘The Blue Mountains’.
Didn’t want to start an argument, so I kept silent.
But to me, they looked green.

My debut as Consumer Cowboy:
Riding the shopping trolley for the first time

Managing Director of the Mild Dynasty.
A future dream? Can’t be! I am ready.
I said: I am readyyyyyyy!

Recognise who this is? Found this 30-year-old photo of Mum on one of the walls here

Bronte beach-life – Nicolai with Cooper
Paul with Maddy.

Any toy can become mine due to the power of crawling. I learned that while I was here

We celebrated Australia Day with barbeque and Ozzie wine. (It's me saying “skål” behind the bottle)

This is Captain Onetooth speaking...
(And the second is on its way, ouch!)

in Thailand

On our way home we had a stop-over in Bangkok
– a busy place where Mum used to live once

Stop-overs can be so exhausting

Luckily they had some good in-flight entertainment

...and I had the company of my good friends

It was a bit worrying to turn all red and feverish. But at the Thai hospital they told me it was a common virus called Roseola Infantum I had picked up in Oz

Fully recovered! I can sit up by myself now.
And I have chewed my first piece of bread.

In Bangkok, I taught my parents that
it can be nice to travel with a little baby

My seven months birthday is coming up soon

Will you come and celebrate it with me?
I'll be coming back home now. Look forward to that, even if it means
I have to wear some more clothes

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