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C o p e n h a g e n   2 0 0 6

I'm transformed into a Greenlandic Nunu again. Back in my street, saying hi to all the neighbours.

It's great to be back at work.

I had forgotten I had so much to do here

The canteen's pretty reliable,
and the staff are friendly.

Their spaghetti has made me realise my Italian roots.

My Australian colleague, Tiger, helps me with my Lego assignments sometimes
My cousin Celena and I get
along well speaking Babish.

Gee, its cold. When are we going to that beach again?
Okay! That's more like it. A 30° pool.

I try to teach Mum a few salsa steps now and again, but she keeps wanting to lead.

I always tell Mum a bedtime story
before sleeping time

Powernap's over – ready to go!

Walking the dinosaur... I am beginning
to get the feel for it.

Eight months old now. And look what
I got for my birthday!

Far and I have started writing on a piece of contemporary music entitled “Thunder Song”.

I intend to become the new
Master Thunder Drummer of Wesselsgade

Luka and Johan are my best mates

Eight and a half months old – and today I
did my first proper crawl.

Thanks for stopping by my baby-blog.
Hope to see you again before too long! :-)

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