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C o p e n h a g e n   2 0 0 6

“Houston, we got a problem...”
I want to get ooooouut!

Luckily, the weather seems to be getting warmer

and the snow seems to be melting.

Here I went out north of Copenhagen to pick
a house I'd like to live in. No, just kidding. Not yet, anyway (Prices from DKK 20 millions and up).

We were visiting Vibeke, Paul and their son, Xander (another Alexander!)

Everyone seems to want me to
practise playing the drum...
In particular Dad – he takes it so seriously.
And I do try to be nice and go with the flow...

...but in secret, I've started to practise playing dog which is so much more challenging.

...and I am mastering playing fridge

But to be honest – I think the grand piano is more my style. My artist name is Mista Bubbalista.

I have a feeling I'm being tricked.
Everyone else got chocolate eggs!
When the bath tub is blue then
I know I am at Farfar's in Århus.

And when we are in Århus, we always
go and say hello to the deers.

I've made friends with four tubbies like
me. They live inside that grey box there

What did I give Mum for breakfast on her birthday...?

The reputed Danish flag!
(She just passed yet another milestone test in her Danish class)

Hey, you should hear this!

Don’t ask why – but I also got a gift on Mum's birthday. Nine and a half months old now.

What I do for a living? I’m a discoverer!

I've been assigned to discover every corner of this neighbourhood, so I often set out for long treks...

And even in our apartment, there are still many undiscovered, blank areas on the map.

In particular in the Galaxy of the Kitchen...

Around the globe on my bike...
– why shouldn't that be possible?

Sometimes I take Dad along, when I have to go on camel back through the plains and deserts.

After work, I enjoy putting my feet up
and relaxing with a good book

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