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C o p e n h a g e n   2 0 0 6

Ten months old, I now have a license for bike-riding

Click to watch videoclip
So, I took Mop and Dad for a picnic in the forest
(Click to watch little video clip)

Mop – (who always corrects me and says ‘Mum’)

On the weekend, we decided to go
for a family-ride out in The Blue.

However, as it turns out, “The Blue”
is difficult to find on the map.
Green is more the colour out there.

We seem to be spending more and more time outdoor, but gee, that sun is bright!

C o p e n h a g e n   2 0 0 6

I entitled this photo: “G'night Mum”
and Dad helped me send it to Mum's mobile phone when she was in Danish class.

At home, I am now working on a new electrical contract

...and advanced sound engineering research.

...and assisting with the maintenance of all equipment.

Taking bricks apart is one of my major tasks.

I am developing exciting blends which promise to revolutionise the yoghurt industry.

You can now call me Master Three-Tooth.
11 months.

Picnic season is here! And I seem to quickly be developing a reputation for being a picnic party lion.

In the end of June, we went to a major picnic where I did gymnastics together with some 30,000 others.

I went to the circus for the first time in my life.

During the four days of the event, Dad had a job in this tent every day...

...so I took my turn.
The audience seemed to like my style.

Sometimes I had to help Mum too. Like when she had to go to the Jumping Castle.

Mum doesn't know that in secret I am working on a song for her. It is called: “You Are the Best”.

“For all the times you helped me through the night
I pay you back with smiles in the morning light”

Log in on my blog again in a month or so.
The Babynator is not through with you.

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