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C o p e n h a g e n   2 0 0 6

Time to celebrate: one year old today!

First time ever to taste something called a “cake”. Mum made a beautiful one.

High Five! – again.... High Five! – again....
High Five! – again.... !

Far wants to play with cars. Don’t want to hurt his feelings... but between you and me, isn't that just sooo old-school?
Today I took a bite of the big apple for the first time (six teeth now!) and learned how to drink from a straw.

Babynating the kitchen. On a daily basis, I assist Mum with keeping it in a creative state

Yay, we found a beach with sand!

I like having two summers in a year

By now, the Babynator Scream is reputed, and I have learned it not only shatters glass. It opens doors.

I am 13 months now.
Can't wait til I can play ball with the boys

My uncle says I am a “kerneknægt”. So Mum, you really don't need to hold me anymore

“Rock the house!”
DJ Babynator keeps in control of the in-flight entertainment department, 24-7.

Captain Babynator welcomes you on board.
This summer, I've taken Mum and Dad to a couple of new galaxies...

S w e d e n   2 0 0 6

I took them to another planet called the Swedish countryside
A place deep in the woods where people live in tranquility without electricity and running water

We found some friendly inhabitants there:
Jan, Pernille, Alberte and Kristoffer

Let me go! I can walk now on my own!


Å r h u s   2 0 0 6

To Danes, the white-red flag means “birthday”. August is birthday-season in my father's family

Pernille, Finn and Birgit were born in August

Music lesson: We are trying to teach Farfar how to play with one finger

Some late night research has revealed that it is actually possible to open these by myself

Anything else you need The Kerneknægt to fix?

Watch out! Tarzanator has arrived!
“Ee-yo! Ee-yo! Ee-yooo!”
(The first word I have learned to say)

C o p e n h a g e n   2 0 0 6

14 months.
I am understanding new things every day.

Except, none of us seem able to figure out what this rash is I have around my mouth. (Anyone out there who knows, maybe?)

I’ve reprogrammed this computer so all messages are coded, like: ><<23DD2333…©ü¥∑ZZZ Zzz ©ßßΩ…ç√ z#""#""ΩΩΩ…h<>>>

By the way, I have a surprise for you...

Mum tells me...

I am going to be a “big brother” on 1st of April!

So far, our new family member lives quietly inside a cave in Mum's belly, is six centimetres tall – and already knows how to dance

Countdown has started for a fresh baby-adventure.
(And finding a bigger place to live!)
If you ask me... I'm ready. Steady...

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