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C o p e n h a g e n   2 0 0 6

Hi there! Nice to have you back with us again. And now for the latest news...

Bubbha in Mum's belly is quietly growing.

Toy cars are my hottest passion right now.

When things come to a dead end – which they do at times....

...Babynator always manages to find a way out!

Out there, colours are changing...

And it is getting colder. (Snifff... Sniffff)
Luckily, it seems to remain warm inside.
But right as we were having a good time I suddenly caught a fever and something called pneumococcal.

I can't tell you what happened, but suddenly my left arm was wrapped in blue, and people in white coats were looking after me around the clock.

We spent a week at that nice hotel with the good service.

When I got back home, Nanna was there for a visit, together with Naazmi.

A Trouble-Bobbel? What's that?

I am 15 months old now, and I have started in “vuggeskole” where I can play with other kids.

I s t a n b u l   2 0 0 6

For a Babynator, that playground in Copenhagen Airport is cool

Flights are so boring – but at least we have some noisy newspapers to run through

But why Istanbul?
I ask sceptically at first

It is bumpy, and the pedestrians come up to me and touch me all the time.

Then I find out they have playgrounds there too.

And the Turkish waiters are loads of fun.

I love my big bed in the hotel room – and staying up til late at night playing “pee-boo” behind the curtains.

Mum and Far have discovered that Istanbul is an interesting place to learn about art and history.

I let them be busy roaming around as tourists while I have some deep and lengthy conversations about Islamic philosophy with the locals.

I also take them to visit the Sultan's palace where there is some hair and a tooth of the Prophet Muhammed.

We have a good Sultanic lunch there, the whole team.

Teddy has become one of my dearest friends. His name must always be whispered.   T-e-d-d-y...

He wanders off by himself, again and again.

I don't know why he wants to jump out of my hands all the time.

He must have seen something at the airport when we picked up our baggage, because he stayed there – and didn't come back since then.   T-e-d-d-y... T-e-d-d-y...

C o p e n h a g e n   2 0 0 6

Home feels different when you have been away.

Back to the driving license lessons.

And hey, everyone here is talking about Christmas now. Great news if it is going to happen again!

It turns out that T-e-d-d-y has been in trouble with the police. We have to go to the teddyjail to get him out.
. . . T-e-d-d-y!!

T-e-d-d-y... T-e-d-d-y... Tell me everything.

This week, I got the ‘vuggeskole-plague’,
and the entire nator-team had to stay at home.

I didn't quite catch the story, but for some reason, one Sunday afternoon, we travelled all the way to Århus to light a single candle.

Mummy is being very secretive about it, but I have my own reliable intelligence sources and they bring exciting reports... Just stay tuned!

If you ask me, this was a brilliant idea of mine: We celebrated solstice – the return of the sun – with top quality Thai take-away!

We celebrated it at vuggeschool as well

Å r h u s   2 0 0 6

Then the six of us went off for the holidays. That is: Mummy and her little bellybubbha, me, Teddy and my polarvirus, and Dad. (As it turned out, I think we made a mistake inviting Virus to come along.)

When I saw that comfortable chair farfar has, I knew I had to have one too.

Christmas eve! Wow! More presents than the intelligence reports had ever calculated!

We loved the beautiful gift packages which had arrived from the Antipodes. (Mummy instantly went into a TimTam Trance!)

Hey, maybe Christmas isn't such a bad idea. But next time, let's just not bring Virus along.

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