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Chapter 21

S y d n e y   2 0 0 7

Have you heard the latest?! We are going to the other side of the planet... the Antipodes!

While Dad is busy with his cognac, Alex with Pingu, Mum with my bum... I seem to be the only one who is interested in seeing the tv news.

In Sydney I meet two of my Australian cousins for the first time, Maddy and Cooper...

Milly is cute as a kitten. And Aunty Gina – also known as The Tiger-Chaser – is superfun.

We set out to explore the dreamtime.

The art-work on this page, by the way, is something we saw at an aboriginal exhibition at the Australian Museum.

T h e   G r e a t   O c e a n   R o a d   2 0 0 7

My big brother is guiding us.
And mum is the chauffeur in our new white car.

Aussies say that the left side of the road is the right side to drive in.

They call this winter?
(Click to enlarge) .

Good golly, they live in some funny houses.
(Click to enlarge)

Travelling is great. We are always together.

And everyone has time. We drive a lot in the car, and have lots of coffee breaks.
[Photography courtesy: Alex]

Look, I can sit up.


I am in my first cave experience in Narracoorte.

And I get to visit our family in Adelaide for the first time.

Yay, they have a spa here!

This is how my cousin Claudia sees me.

Mummy introduces me to a lot of her friends here in the Antipodes. Rebekah predicts I will be an artist.

...and Mummy's brother, Uncle Guy, thinks
may have a future in football.

But for now I love jetsetting around.

Alex and I have this idea we want to
celebrate our babymoon in Thailand.

We are staying at this beautiful old
island resort called Laem Set Inn.

Mmmm... This is what I love about Thailand: relaxing massage in beautiful surroundings.

Mummy and I are reading about The Secret's law of attraction: When all you think about is milk and sleep, milk and sleep will come to you.

Who is this man? Does he have any milk?
No? Could we have Mummy back, then?

At dinner time I usually let the others do
the talking and focus on the milk situation.

On my 16 weeks birthday...

I got a new friend...

His name is Mubi.

Alexs blog
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First page
Chapter 21

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