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C o p e n h a g e n   2 0 0 7

Oh, hello there! It’s nice to have you with us again...

I am a one and a half year old man now.

...and as a man, I am independently onto my daily ration of Havregryn porridge at 6 AM every morning...

...catching up with the latest business reports on BBC World, and obsessed with Oline on my laptop.

I also engage in manual labour.
Every night I babynate the bath room.

I love learning new things.
My favourite words at the moment are:
“Mer’, mer’!”, and “Biler!”.

Me and Far are practising as a team for the next World Tongue-greeting Championship in New Zealand

One of my best friends is Gabriel.
His mum is a Deborah too.
Maline has taught me the art of vuf-vuf.

This is one of my own art pieces. I call it ‘Love’.
Enjoy it in full size by clicking on it.

C o p e n h a g e n   2 0 0 7

They say this January was the warmest ever measured in Denmark.

So far, we have only had one day of snow. It gets dark in the afternoon, before Far is back from work.

Far says he loves his job.
So do I.

Our vuggeschool has a great work climate, and I get along well with my colleagues

Even when we have to stay indoor, there are so many challenging assignments.

Babynating interior designs is one of my specialties.

Feels good when the day’s work’s done.

Mummy, what is it with your belly?
Are you sure there is not someone in there?

Alright... Mummy says it is time to log off.
So, cheriohh! ...XXX... – I’ll be back
again soon.

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