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C o p e n h a g e n   2 0 0 7

Mmmm! Where have you been all my life?

‘Hej-Ho! Have a good day!’, says mum and Matti

And then its off to work we go

At the back of our house, they are building a new city. It is called the Ear City (Ørestaden)

and I discovered we also have a huge ‘back yard’ just a little further out

...inhabited by milk-giving mammals

...and Viking'ish playgrounds

Me and my French cousin Celena, we enjoy communicating on a non-verbal intercontinental wavelength

We go to movies together and watch the latest ‘Piiiingu-Piiingu

Å r h u s   2 0 0 7

What the hell are you doing, Far? Why do you take me here at 5:30 in the morning? Where’s my breakfast? What are all these sounds?!

I feel safer at home in the garden.

Weather is improving and we can be outdoor now.

I am 20 months now, and I have expanded my Aloriginal vocabulary with new words. Such as ‘moar’, ‘Det der’, ‘Se der’, and ‘Ball’.

In Aloriginal, ‘Ma’ means ‘Up’. ‘Me!’ means ‘No!’ while ‘Nej’ means ‘Yes”. ‘Me-me!’ means ‘Give me more!’

And I can sing.
Today, I sang Brahm's Lullaby for my
little brother for the first time

Suddenly there was a garage sale just outside our house. Now I know what to do for the rest of this day

Its so much fun to have visitors in my babyblog.
Thank you for stopping by!

Are you sure you have to go already?!

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