A l e x a n d e r   R o h a n
The Toddler Trooper Tale

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K o h   S a m u i   –   J u l y   2 0 0 7

Matt and I are celebrating our babymoon now.

Alright, alright, then! I'll show you around.
This is our pool, seen from the restaurant.

...and this is our beach.

Moonpower is obviously strong here. It pulls
the sea water back every morning.

They don't seem to know what wind
or waves are here. (
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This is pure babydise! And the hotel people are really friendly. At our arrival they have these welcome drinks prepared for us.

The swings here have a funny design,
and they've hung them all over the place.

For some reason we are almost alone here.
Well, we are not complaining about that.

I observe the doll houses here
have a spectacular design.

And the people are always smiling no matter how much I babynate the place.

Flower by the pool.

From the beach we have our own private entrance.

Ma has her 30 seconds of freedom, youth and independence – at times even twice a day.

It is a hard life with all this sun
and abundant summerness.

Just kidding!

The paparazzi simply won't leave
me alone on this holiday.

When I need a break, I go
to the beach by myself

...but most of the time I spend together with my new friends. I have managed to make friends with everybody here.

My playmates come from places with
names such as Cambodia and Beijing.

I supervise my own private diving team
studying tropical fish and sea urchins.

My shadow seems to grow
bigger and wiser by the day.

In the the mornings I have strawberry jam
with toast (or without).

Mostly I prefer to eat it at our doorstep.

In the evenings I have tomato sauce
with chips (or without).

Mee and Ma, just get it: Those garlic prawns and satay chickens you keep rambling about don’t stand a chance against tomato sauce (with chips).

Babydise dinners are apparently delivered
with sunset-views free of charge.

And then I am off to inspect the car-situation.
Someone must check if they are all still there.

We fall asleep to the sound of gentle waves
at the beach and crickets in the trees.

We both love Rasmus Klump. So, if I am ‘Rasmus Modsat’ you can be ‘Mattias Klump’. Okay?

We are going home! And this time, don't you try and get lost in the airport!

Far, why do we have to do another picture?
I think it is time for a blog-break now.

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