E v a   M i n i m u s e n   A i d t
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Introducing Viking Aussie III.
Formerly known as Minimusen

After a 42-week long diving odyssey, I find a tunnel that leads to a more spacey pool.

Then I realise what day it is, and jump
out of the pool and its gentle water...

...because, hey! It’s my birthday!

...and I’ve promised to celebrate it with
Mum and Far – and a bunch of dolphins

But no, Far! I did NOT say I wanted to
wear white for my birthday!

At security check point they want to measure my height, without heals. Well, I could have told them:
I am 0,56 metres of miracles.

Everyone praises me for being such
a gentle and peaceful baby

Little do they know that inside
I’m hiding 3.9 kilos of diva dynamite

Just bring in the violins, and you
shall see me express myself!

F r e d e r i k s b e r g
10 December

What day? Day 2? I like the nights! Can’t we just be up all night and sleep in the day?

E l m e g å r d e n
13 December

Day 4: Barely out of the hospital, I get Mum and Far to organise a Viking-style welcome reception for me

‘Viva a Eva!’

T å r n b y   K i r k e
21 December

Mum announces my new middle-name.
I am now Eva Sabrina Aidt

One week older and 350 grammes bigger

Hhhhmmmn.... I believe it must be
time to get a nap.

E l m e g å r d e n   2 0 0 8
Christmas Festival

Wow! You open your eyes and suddenly
it is your two weeks birthday!

Who said two weeks is too young
for skyping with my cousins?

Day 15: I am lucky to get a seat in first row for the Christmas festival.

‘We’re gonna rock you!...’
Boys, please! I like it shaken. Not stirred!

The local noise level is deafening,
thanks to my brothers

I like that noise. And I am beginning
to feel at home here.

Can you believe it how time flies?! My
three weeks birthday is already here

...and they say the year is already gone.
Welcome to the adventures of 2009, Far!

I shall find my inner strength and energy
and be back next year

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