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Chapter 28

C o p e n h a g e n   2 0 0 8

Hello and welcome! It is nice to have you with us today at the Babynator Sunshine Station.

Today we have some interesting new discoveries in the field of baby technology to present to you.

Oups, sorry! We must interrupt the programme already. We have just recieved important news that a milkshake should be on its way.

I present you my friendly, personal driver and technical assistant – his name is Ai.

We make a good team. Here we perform the tooth step dance. The audience is spell-bound.

I’ve picked up lots of buzzwords already. Such as ‘bao’ (ball), ‘vao’ (water), ‘nunu’ (dummy), ‘bee-a’ (biler = cars), and most important:

‘botbot’ (the bottle)
– our treasured night-ritual.

‘Wio’ (The Wiggles) is another favourite.

C o p e n h a g e n   2 0 0 8

16 months old. May I have your attention! I have now introduced a new regime at our station.

Fun is king!

If it’s not fun, run!

Security check. All visitors’ birthday presents are inspected to make sure they live up to our station policy.

On Fe-mor’s birthday, I personally take up the challenge to teach our visitors about the new regulations.

C o p e n h a g e n   2 0 0 8

17 months. Old enough to start my
own enterprise as a coach.

This summer I’ve taken on the assignment to be a coach for Jonas who is only 12 months.

Jonas, repeat after me:
‘Babynators unite! Babypower now!’

A babynator must always leave a mark – so you can see where he has been.

He must trespass and explore forbidden territories and try as many illegal electrical wire-combinations as possible.

He must use his voice to the fullest.

And make use of all available technology to achieve his goals. Trains are a personal favourite.

This video will illustrate to you why a babynator sometimes must pull his yellow laser sword

My babynator-colleague has a thing with cars.

I do experiment to see if I can renew his concept.

Must admit that my passion lies elsewhere. I prefer live stock. Which is why I can already pronounce most of the animals’ names and sounds.

Speaking of passion: Above all, I love food.

I could talk for hours about the wonders of bananas, for instance. Or cakes. Which is why I opened my Special Food Show, broadcasting for hours every day.

Whenever we organise an outdoor transmission, I’ll be telling any bypasser about my food passion.

And pass out taste tests to fans.

Our listeners love the show...

But this... this is not just censorship.
This is double censorship!

Regardless, we move on to our next report.
Today we are reporting live from GTG – the Great Train Games.

There are no signs of any recession in the building sector around here.

And Sport: Babynator II is coming up fast. It appears as if it won’t be long before he takes the lead.

Several wrestling matches has shown Babynator II as a mercyless champion to be reckoned with.

C o p e n h a g e n   2 0 0 8

At the moment we are outlining new ideas and expect to launch a series of amazing programmes soon.

In the pipeline, for instance: a show about how I coach my sherpa through the wilderness of Amager.

I’ve hired a professional consultant to assist me with the flow-charts.

Reporting from sets in nature can be absolutely challenging.

The stress and the work pressure on The Station is a challenge as well.

But challenges are dealt with – as you can see on this little documentary film, entitled ‘Conquest’. Starring: The Conquerer.

More later! Thanks for listening and watching to the Babynator Sunshine Station.

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