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A u s t r a l i a   2 0 0 9

Hey... Change of scenery!

Princess Bianca...

...and Princess Claudia are my new best friends

The Queen treats me like
one of her own princesses

Claudia’s image of me

They are telling me I don’t live up to
my daily crying quota

But hey, what’s wrong with being a quiet, observing baby – happy to be out of the spotlight...

...as long as I am right up front when it comes to the things that really matter in life...

...such as being good to your Mum

I am aware of the old paradigm that continuous tantrums are obligatory on long drives, but...

no, that just doesn’t appeal to me. I prefer to lean back and go with the flow

I enjoy flowing out with the boys

...especially when it's off the beaten track

Apparently, a certain Captain Cook checked out this lunch break spot 239 years ago...

but he didn’t like the high waves here, so he moved further north where he found a more quiet bay

which later was to become Mummy’s home bay, Sydney

As a team, we are The Organisers

Did I hear anyone laugh? Be careful! I am beginning to get a grip of what is going on around here

On a daily basis, I dip my toes into new waters

and meet all of my cousins in Oz.
Let me introduce you to Cody

and now... Meet Cooper and Madeline
with their mum, Aunty Toni

Maddy introduces us to Milly

Olivia’s image of me

I am aware I’ve got some growing to do still. But hey, I am already seven kilos now!

We’re all getting a bit tired. Would it be alright with you if we take a break here?

We’ve got some flying to do...

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