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D e n m a r k   2 0 1 0

Welcome back to BBN, the BabyBlog News.
We have a serious situation here in Copenhagen:

The playground!
The playground has been closed down!

All rescue efforts have been in vain

In search of new playgrounds...
time to set off!


I am thinking of establishing a
new company: ALX Ltd

We're into showbizz. On the home front, my brother and I can both be somewhat dumse numse

but when we are out there in the battle field, we fight
like true Bikings. To attack is our defense

and victory is always near!

Everything is ‘wischy’ at the moment:

Look! Wishy muschy mischy!
Let's sing “Lille wishy edderkop...” Hi-hi.

N o r w a y   2 0 1 0

We pack our bags and take
Teeta for a ride northwards

My debut as a ski champion

Here is a powerpoint presentation
with photos from our expedition

D e n m a r k   2 0 1 0

Easter egg hunt

Time is up for a new passport photo. My third.

“We are the champignons”

D e n m a r k   2 0 1 0


I have a feeling there is a
birthday party coming up.

I am better with letters

In full control of the remote

And managing all machine-maintenance

This... is mum

and this... is our unit

E n g l a n d   2 0 1 0

They have dragons in England too


And the living is easy

Six chocolate monsters

For a remote control... its huge!

Ay-ay, captain!
Learning what it takes to become a captain

D e n m a r k   2 0 1 0

Morning duty...

Letting the geese out

10th of July 2010: I am five years today

Look, i got a pirate hat
and lots of games

All my friends from Burlunden have
come over to play pirate games

And mum has made a great pirate cake for us

Guess who designed this wonderful vehicle!

Our neighbour, uncle Kjeld, likes
water just like we do

Summerlife in a nutshell:
making new friendships

What do you think? Is it crap?

Safari expeditions in the heat

Return to Mariehønsene (Kindi)

I intend to get serious about football

Hi five! Up high! Down low – too slow...

Australia? If we’d like to go to Australia?

A u s t r a l i a   2 0 1 0

Back in dreamtimezone!

High up and down under
at the same time

My ozzie cousins bid me welcome
(and threw a rock star party)

They were impressed by my superior
and colonial stiff upper lip

Hello, mariehøns, back home
– hope you are all okay!

We have entered crocodile country

...so we go looking for them

I couldn't see any crocodiles. Could you?

Oz is a land of snakes

...and frogs

But first of all, it is where
my mum’s family lives

We like ozzie stuff

Mattis blog

Alexs blog

My siblings'
Australia blogs

More Oz photos on Facebook


D e n m a r k   2 0 1 0

Exciting times!

We have entered the dark times in Denmark.
With Umizoomi, Little Einsteins, and Disney Show

From time to time, the house is haunted
by kilde-monster

And Snikke-snak tends to return
whenever it is teeth-brushing time

The pakke-calendar is up! Yuhuu!

We go out to pick our own christmas tree

Everything is white outside

and inside, the Bikings hold themselves warm with good tribal food and company

While we wait for Santa... the dinos
need our attention

D e n m a r k   2 0 1 0

This year, we made our own Christmas card

Santa came!

Farfar and Femor came!

The gifts came!

Christmas family portrait
Artist: Alexander Rohan Aidt

Yep. This is us. My brother and me.

And this is Eva and mum

I love you, mum!
You are so beautiful, mummy!

A new year? Bring it on!
I am fully prepared!

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