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C o p e n h a g e n   2 0 1 0

Where are we going, you said?


Heeshe is my idea of a fun place for a one-year-old. On Saturday mornings dad takes us there for an hour

Ah-Oh! Cyclone Eva is in the House

and the kitchen train will departure
in less than two minutes

One minute life can be frightening and cruel

The next it can be sweet and cool

Should I be wondering where I will be
30 years from now? Or in 30 minutes?

Probably the best thing about being one year old is to be so naturally comfortable with living in the Now

N o r w a y   2 0 1 0

Rumours of holiday-making
have reached me

In the North, there are table trolls

Training to get in shape for the next SEWC,
The Shelves-Emptying World Championship

Here is a powerpoint presentation
with photos from our expedition

Å r h u s   2 0 1 0

Off home turf: Have set a new speed record
in the SEWC discipline

C o p e n h a g e n   2 0 1 0

Breaking news from the Kongebush:
I can stand on my own legs!

Bananspøgelset Eva
(Eva the Banana-ghost)

Studying the math.

Wrrrrau! Ef-ef!


For a long time we’ve been dreaming of
modernising the family restaurant’s facilities

And maybe there was a banana-god involved, because wupti! suddenly there was the new kitchen

I make sure to be the first
customer there – every time

I am not always – actually ‘never’ is more accurate – let in when my brothers are playing

But then, luckily, there are other even more
interesting assignments...

that call for my full attention

And by the end of the day we can
giggle and sing about it all

E n g l a n d   2 0 1 0

New sweet rumours of holiday
are reaching my ear

This time we head towards west
and discover a new island there

We get to know Alfee, Noah and Lucie

Get to live like in a road movie

and play in one of London’s
most friendly pools

C o p e n h a g e n   2 0 1 0

Summertime is beach time

and I’m a confident beach walker by now

not so much of a swing talker, though

but good with mechanics

and... the hell of a driver

I’ve been declared old enough
to join the bicycle-tours

and I am always on board when the
Kitchen Train is on the move

Hui Hui – ee-ya ee-ya oh!

We are out here, everyone! When the sky is blue, our living room moves out under the wallnut tree

Don’t let it run!

Waaaa Waaaaa!

It is not fair!
My brothers call me E-waaaa Waaaaa!

Min mor

Hu ha. A a. Oh oh oh!
(Music production)

Cyclone Eva goes scrrpang!

My increased mobility brings me new acquintances and communication skills. Mæ-æ-æ-æh!


Ora (Dora) is my hero



A u s t r a l i a   2 0 1 0

Wow! The kitchen train has taken us
to an entirely new country

Look, Lola!
Rap, rap...

Yo! This is Capital E. who’s got the B.
R u ready, mates, for the mini-G.

I am good at getting my brothers
into a creative drive

I don’t mind they’ve started
calling me Jungle-Janet

...cause I am a bit of a jungle explorer

I am already cover story material
– just 21 months old

But what am I to think about those who call me
Bumble Beeva? Hm...

No sir, I am no longer Bumble Beeva.
I am Miss Deeva.

When I smile, I hear my cousins saying:
“Look at Eva! Eva is being adorable!”

I have found a way to stop that kind
of cuteness-talk efficiently

New Sandland is one of my
dream destinations

and so is the reef

Culture is good for us too
– in measured quantities

Australia is fun!
Can we have more?

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C o p e n h a g e n   2 0 1 0

Puddle dailyday is back.
Puddles are a good thing, though.

Dinners at the round green table are back

and Scampa is back sharing it with us

See you, A-y!
(My biggest brother – I call him ‘A-y’)

And here is Tias at he huha (the computer)

Oline makes my day.
The ultimate he huha experience!

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