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D e n m a r k   2 0 1 1

Captain Al is back on deck

Report to HQ: The water is glass-hard and slippery!

Celena, don’t you want
to be a fjollenæse?

Batman A beats Katten af tønden at Fastelavn

Egging for Easter

I say ‘I love you Mum’
at least six times a day

I am fond of chess, and I can
already beat farfar (grandpa)

In my kindergarten we reached cruising altitude a year ago. Now descending for landing

Today, I leave my official mark on Burlunden,
a kind of graduation ritual

End of an era with Mariehønsene

Who let the dogs out
Wu, wu, wu-wu!

D e n m a r k   2 0 1 1
Football season 2

Football. Kick-off the new season!

In one of our first matches, we all got a medal
– but we didn’t score any goals

29 May: My team manages to score a goal in each match. Our first goals scored in a tournament.

Never mind the colour: We are the
‘Orange Team’ of Fremad Amager

19 June: After two seasons of training, I score
my first goal in a tournament.

My favourite position is the goal keeper

D e n m a r k   2 0 1 1
Biker Season 4

Break-through! I did it today! On 19 April I took of on my first bike ride, balancing my own two wheels

I want to be as clever as the
guy we saw in circus

A whole range of new possibilities open up when
becoming an independent

We go places for picnic
where cars can’t go...

and in the weekly Cykelklub I have my proud
debut as a full-fledged member

We go all over the place,
even to neighbouring islands

Every Sunday, I ride between
20 and 30 kilometres

When we can see the tall, black building
we know we will soon be back home

D e n m a r k   2 0 1 1
Summer holiday

Six years old today, and
feeling quite on top of things

I get (almost) all the presents
I have been hoping for!

In the afternoon we go out to have fun

I didn’t win anything, but a woman gave me this leguan because I told her it is my birthday

When I grow up I want to be a magician. Because then I can transform myself into what I feel like. I want to be good at making everyone happy.

In training camp

Before the B-I-G game with farfar

Farfar’s place is full of music

And in the attic we found far’s old lego from the 1970ies when he was a boy.

Lego models I have never seen before.

And it still works!

Dad, why are there insects?
Far, hvorfor findes der insekter?

Are you funny?

I know what these ones are for now:
They can get you icecream, and lego

I miss my friends from kindergarten

but I am also absolutely ready for
the new challenges ahead

D e n m a r k   2 0 1 1
School • Class 0

Holiday is over. I am starting school!

I pack my bag and we go
to the new school

My debut as a pupil.
My class is “The Guitars”

We are 18 guitars

We ride to this temporary school
two kilometres away...

because my new school does not
even have a roof yet

School home work:
Pingvinus comes home for a visit

and then we have to report back
about Pingvinus’ behaviour to the school

Dad, where did the human beings come from?

Can we keep this one?

Why is there such a thing as fire?
Hvorfor findes der ild?


Lots of questions still to be asked in this world

A u s t r a l i a   2 0 1 0

Yeah! Back in dreamtimezone!

The water is colder here this year

We learn to surf – and
what a ‘tumbler’ is

Cooper steps in as our hole
construction consultant

We never get finished with exploring
The Australia Museum

We have eight beautiful
cousins in Australia

Our annual family-of-five
new year photo

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