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Trouble-Bubble Toddler Tale 3

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C o p e n h a g e n   2 0 1 1

(Want to play with me?)

When are we ready to fly, mum?

and what is wrong with the water, dad?

Tias and I are becoming friends and have
found out we can play together

Sometimes we even dress up
and go out together

for some hot toast with vegemite at the
local One Spoon Restaurant

I am basically a chips kind of girl

C o p e n h a g e n   2 0 1 1

When the easter hen has
laid its eggs in the garden...

we know 1) that spring is coming

and 2) that we'll be having a
stomach ache before sunset

As a toddler, you need to
keep expanding your territory

and acquire new skills

I have discovered what a potty is for

If you will be my pal,
I will be your pirate nugget

Just imagine!

At bed time, my favourite book for months
and months has been an atlas of the world.
I call it ‘The Australia Book’

C o p e n h a g e n   2 0 1 1

He, hias! Boat!

He ha! A bird!
I show the boys the world.

Uh oh!
I... think we should leave now!

A gentle character has moved in
in our garden today: Pinter

The following day we find out
that Pinter is engaged!

I am beginning to talk
– and to understand mum’s talk

My most frequently mentioned words are
“Ora” (Dora) and “Ora” (water)

I can also say “Ta ma”
(Tak for mad / Thank you for dinner)

I can understand the
meaning of 'yes' and 'no'

which can be important to know, when
you are playing in a team as big as mine

My new language gets me places

like... I suddenly have my own room now!

I also build up my own task force

and I’m good at sharing

Work hard to catch up with the boys
on the scooter as well as in the games

This is my second season with the Cykelklub
riding back and forth on the island

Summer of 2011

Cmon boys! Board the ship!
We pirates must take what we can

and then ask the universe
to beam in more goodies

Hahuu-ha (Amager Naturpark) is
still full of surprises

We are on first name with the geese
and the ducks, of course...

but then a hungry snake suddenly appears

and huge frogs! He ha!

This place is loaded with nature
inside out

Undiscovered pathways

and chill-out picnic spots

I’m getting better with Balancestien

Hias, he!
(“Mattias, se!” / “Mattias, look!”)

Alex has his cars. Tias has his monsters and dinosaurs. I have my horses

Eeee-e-ee-e-ee! I LOVE horses

and horses love me too

I’m quite fond of riding dinosaurs too

D e n m a r k   2 0 1 1

‘Hee-hoo’ (Disneyshow), ‘hee-he’ (Prismen) and ‘hahuu-ha’ (Naturpark) are still on Top 3 of my most-frequently-said list.

I often crack this joke of mine:

"Disneyshow?" (No, not tonight).
"Tomorrow?" (No!)
"Tomorrow?" [Laughter]

Boys. Are you up for it?

Don’t be such dydsmønstre (drags), brothers

It’s time for some rock'n'roll...

the smell of petrol and burnt carwheel

In kindi, I have an audience when I tell
about my adventures with my brothers

I will gladly be your little Disco Angel

a-n-d Dancing Queen

In return, I would then like to recieve som non-stop catering service arond here! Dju! Dju! (juice)

He ha! En hest! En hest!
(Look, dad! A horse!)

I have learned how
to swing by myself

Whatever worries we have...

...mum is here to help us.
We love our mum – and we will keep saying it

Time for a tea break.
Wanna join?

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