INTP: Inwards thinking with intuition

According to Myers-Briggs type indicator, an INTP-person is described like this:

People who primarily are INTP-oriented use their thinking abilities to find the fundamental principles behind any idea which might pop up. They put their trust in their thinking abilities in the development of these principles and in foreseeing the consequenses. As such, they are logical, analytical and objectively critical. They like to solve problems using logic and analysis. Enjoys in particular theoretical and scientific assignments.

Tend to focus more on ideas than on the people behind the ideas. They will rather organise facts and knowledge than situations or people, unless they are forced to because of their work. When it comes to ideas, they are immensely curious.
At the social level, they have a tendency only to have a narrow circle of close friends, and they enjoy to be together with others who like discussing ideas. They don't fancy parties and small talk. Can become so fascinated by an idea that they can end up ignoring or lose touch with their surroundings.

INTP-people are rather quiet and reserved, even though they can be really talkative in relation to a subject which they have been thinking about intensively.

They are more interested in the challenge of findings solutions than in seeing the solutions being turned into practical life. Have a tendency to have very sharply defined interests. Have a need for occupation where their strong interests can be used constructively.

Suggestions for development:
- Should maybe make an effort to express themselves in a more simple way
- Should maybe show more appreciation of contributions of other people
- Should maybe acchieve better knowledge of other people's personal and professional sides
- Should maybe put more emphasis on practical details