C e l e b r a t i n g   E v a ’ s   a r r i v a l

1 3  D e c e m b e r    2 0 0 8
Gilde i Kongebushen

They all came from near and
far to salute the newborn
Princess of Mush

How old is she?
Four days old.

Edith, Eva’s grandmother, has come all the
way from the other side of the planet

...and is to be introduced to the peculiar
Nordic party traditions

...such as the ‘Langbord’

...the home made ‘Viking Zip’

The soft ‘nesting corner’ of the room – for mum and baby to have a place to retire to at times

The hay... which turns out to
be a (city) childrens’ hit

...until it inevitably gets out of hand

It is also for Edith that Far and Farfar have dressed up

and talk endlessly about the Viking history

And give us all names... such Leif den Lykkelige...
Jon den Joviale... Bente den Behagelige

This also explains why the menu is
all bones, roots and mushrooms

Femor (grandmother) Birgit – at the very right

Kat, Eva’s godmother, and Leif.

Good oldtime friends, work colleagues and also our lovely neighbours were introduced to each other

Among them many musicians, such as Anders Honoré & Mizgin. In the background: Pernille & Jan

Farfar Finn and Rubya together with performing artists Gazi Peker, Pervaiz Akhtar, and Gudrun Holck

Gimo Mendes grabs a guitar...

...and Moçambique suddenly meets Pakistan and Denmark in a spontaneous outburst of vocal creativity

Nicki, our chef and caterer, did a fantastic job

Gradually the party turns into an afterparty

Thank you, everyone, for all your
'illegal' and beautiful gifts!

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