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C o p e n h a g e n   2 0 1 0

He ha!

= “Se mig, far! Jordbærpigen er tilbage!”
Look at me, dad! Strawberry Girl has returned!

I aspire to be the best drummer around here

Dad’s teaching us about the world of DJing

My brothers teach me so many things

I generally prefer taking lessons from boys
which, of course, means...

that Cyclone Eva knows how to handle boys.
I take the lead whenever and wherever I want

Also when I have to fight for it

When are you coming in, Dad?

We also have stuff to do in here

More red, you think?

Here we go!

D e n m a r k   2 0 1 0

Mum helped me passing this
note on to my friends

and when the day finally came

there were big gifts in the morning....

and in the afternoon, my friends came to
celebrate the day with me... Yaeh!

I am two years old now! Ready to take over the
title as the family’s Trouble-Bubble Toddler

Ha-a, he!
(“far, her!” / “dad, here!”)

What’s keeping you guys behind there?

Snikkesnak is back

Tias, 4, took this portrait photo of us

Fairy funny


C o p e n h a g e n   2 0 1 0
31 December

This is the invitation for our new year party

Get ready everybody, its party time!

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