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Palolem is one of Goa's most southern beaches, and in that sense somewhat “remote” and less crowded than many of the other beaches up north.

Palolem is one of the safest beaches for swimming in Goa. The little coves of Colomb Beach are best avoided.

There are lots of dolphins in the area. On our morning walks early in the morning, we saw them playing in the water, coming very close to the shore of Patnem Beach.


To pick us up in the airport, and to take us around in Goa, we used a taxi driver who we liked very much. Speaks well English, and knows how to do things right. His name is Femmy Miranda, he can be reached at (0832) 2647538, mobile 9822180068
or e-mail.


For breakfast, Boom Shankar in Colomb is my favourite. It is one of the older places in Colomb, with a picturesque view of the bay, and in the afternoon: of the setting sun. (Tel: 2644035 - mob 0982238 4634).

  Goa: Palolem
“Palolem is arguably Goa's most beautiful and idyllic beach – the argument being whether the addition of wall-to-wall beach shacks beneath those leaning palms has not spoilt it. In any case, the sweeping crescent of white sand fringed by shady coconut palms is a postcard picture,” says The Bible (Lonely Planet's South India Guide) about this place.
You just need to take a short glance at these shots below to get what they mean.

Morning scenery: people do yoga and exercise on the beach.

Result of my bungalow research: my favourite choice

So this will be our address in the next week or so, starting from Monday the 10th: Bungalow no 15, Neptune's Point, Palolem Beach, Goa, India. (Tel 3100699, mob 09822584968, email shoumirsh@rediffmail.com)

At a first glance: simply a lovely and peaceful paradise.

At breakfast and brunch, you get into talking to people instantly. This Dutch guy and French girl (don't remember their names, but really nice people!) just arrived after a full night in a bus.

Franck from Germany, and Dirk van Vreeswijk from Holland, who keeps a blog at www.connectingminds.nl.

Devanandan – Portuguise living in London, once married to a South African man she had met on one of her journeys in India.

Arnt (from Holland) is a Goa-regular every winter, and has been here for three months already. He knows all the places, and he comes to this restaurant especially for their yummy breakfast fruitsalad.

  Palolem revisited
On Monday 10th of January, we get up at 3 am and take a taxi to Mumbai's domestic airport (open and busy all night) to fly with Deccan Airlines at 05:35 to Goa.

Arrival 07:00, get picked up by van from “Neptune's Point” where we plan to be staying, drive for almost an hour and a half, and then finally, at around 9 am, we sit having our first breakfast at the outdoor restaurant of Neptune's Point with some nice lounge music in the background. (I think I fell for this place because of the pleasant music they always play in the bar here!).

Hey, don't be jealous! It is actually terribly stressful to be living this kind of life!

For instance, Deb knew all day that her only appointment of this day was her Himalayan Marma massage-appointment at 16:00 – at the Blue Planet Nature Cure Centre (www.doctor-of-the-future.com), situated at the main “shopping street” of Palolem. It took quite an effort to make it there in time (only 10 minutes late).

Sending e-mails to our loved ones at home, and updating this blog (finally!), right on the beach.

Sevas Huts & Caravans is situated in the very southern end of Palolem Beach, on a cliffside some hundred meters away from the shore. A bit like living in the jungle, and more quiet than near the beach.
We paid 1,200 rupees a night for a two-storey hut there

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