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S y d n e y   2 0 0 7

Ready? We are about to start up a new chapter. This time babycasting in dreamtime from down under.

We start up in some hired vans...

...spend a day or so in a comfy family cabin...

And here we are: in Sunbeam Koala Land
– after only 22 hours of travelling.

Seven generations ago when the first Brits arrived at the shores of Koala Land in this ship, this was a journey that took months and months.

We do studies in contemporary Australian cultural heritage called Hi5 and the Wiggles.

And we dance to ancient Aussie heritage beats. The children songs here are sung through long wooden sticks.

Then we go to meet Alexander the Duck whose story I have heard so many times at bedtime. He lives here in the Botanical Gardens.

Uncle Bob takes me to the Marine Museum.

But it can't all be just fun. I am given the arduous task of checking all the wheels on Cousin Cooper's toys.

My big cousins invite us for a picnic in the park. Nanna and Aunty Toni bring some yummy fruit.

I am on a countdown to my two years birthday. Need to do some training for my pushbike licence.

In Koala Land, biking is not a means of transport. It is considered a dangerous sport.

Terrible accidents do happen. Oh dear-hh.

Sometimes I enjoy saddling my far-turtle and go for a ride in town.

At other times, it is just as much fun just to stay at my cousin's place, and play in the back yard.

At bedtime I read stories for Mummy.

Mile stone: For the first time we (the Babynator Team) get to sleep in the big people's bed.

I've learned to say a new word: “Hello”. I am helloing literally everyone who passes by from my far-saddle.

T h e   G r e a t   O c e a n   R o a d   2 0 0 7

We head off towards the rainbows

Explore down under

And investigate different types of ozzie food.

“Sover du... Sover du...” I am sure this song of ours will make a big hit here in Koala Land!

I'm in love with this “cruise control” feature.

You just lean back, and the car will get you there!

Sophia, my cousin in Adelaide, has grown since I saw her last. She is still a year ahead of me.

We play chasings all day!

I show the girls how we Vikings blow bubbles

Claudia's portraits of me. When I was six months old, and on the 8th of July in 2007, almost two years.

One. Two! In two days I will be two years old...

So Aunty Kara and my cousin's arrange a great car-cake-balloon-and-soap-bubble party for me!

Back in Sydney, Maddy calls me in for some handyman jobs.

And I keep Aunty Toni entertained with some old Viking songs.

Then one morning I get a card from Mee and Ma (that's what I call them now), I know the day has finally arrived!

I'm two! I am a Toddler Trooper!

We have a great party, again!

At a closing round table meeting, I agree with my cousins about one thing:

We will have to get back here again soon!

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